Patch Notes - Post Jam Update!

HookSync  POST JAM UPDATE  Patch Notes


-Starships hovering around the map watching your performance

-Reset room and VFX

-Lobby camera

-Signs in lobby

-Camera that rotates around the Spawn Point building (You can see every camera’s output in TV room)

- Combo pieces added to existing architecture styles

-There's now more than one song and they play at random

-Portal arch added to Exit Program and Reset room

-More layouts to existing architecture types


-More detail added to grappling hook model

-Colors of grappling hook model changed

-Adjusted size of tiles on starting room floors

-Modified starting point rooms

-Modified Spawn Point Building

-Current architecture style layouts expanded

-Grappling Hook swing adjusted

-Changes added to starting building

-Sign text ”Exit to Desktop” changed to “End Program”

-Slightly modified look of clouds


-Fixed placement of certain tiles that would intersect and cause the player to get stuck at starting point or in between pieces

-Fixed spacing problems in lobby where player could get stuck

-Various performance issues


Stay tuned :D  More architecture styles incoming and more music :D  Thank you so much for playing!

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